2nd Glass Citizens was born out of experiences with visiting wineries throughout several countries. It was quite intimidating; the elitist attitude that surrounds wine culture does not make oenophile newbies feel at ease enough to ask the most basic questions. “Swirl, sip, and then what”? “The wine steward presented me with the cork; what do I do with it”? “UGH! this wine shop is so overwhelming”.

As is generally the case with ordinary in-home wine parties, we are not limited to particular wineries and regions that participate in their program. Our wine selections are personally tailored to your palate and are presented in a engaging manner. The best part? You are in the relaxed setting of home. We offer:

  • Virtual wine tastings for all levels of proficiency
  • In-home wine tastings based on particular topics of your interest (due to Covid-19 this service is temporarily unavailable)
  • Wine themed dinners
  • Winery tours (option for lunch is also available)
  • New: spirits tastings (bourbon, whisky, tequila, gin)
For information on booking our services, please complete the contact form below.